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Goodbye Kitty [entries|friends|calendar]
Laura Ashley

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Sales [30 Mar 2012|04:45pm]
Hey guys, I'm selling some stuff, so if you would like anything or know of people who would, please send people my way!!!

http://www.photobucket.com/lagclover2012 <---all sales and prices there

Negotiations welcome
Ships from Japan
Orders $100 or over are free shipping (insurance extra)
Email me at lagclover @ gmail.com to buy/negotiate!

Liz Lisa
Axes Femme (most of it is AF)
Hell Bunny
Heart E
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[01 Sep 2011|03:36pm]
Hello LJ, it's been a while

So, my days have been interesting and life in Japan is great, but this past week I've been just holed up in my apartment crocheting almost every waking hour. As a result, my back, neck, shoulders, wrists, and fingers hurt like hell, but I still must crochet more. I'm almost done with the blanket I promised to make Taka.

Truth be told, I got paranoid about making this blanket. There's the curse of crocheting/knitting something big for someone like a sweater or blanket. It's that either you break up while you're working on it, or their reaction is insufficient enough upon receiving it that it causes a riff. However, I'm pretty sure that he'll love the blanket because he picked it out and has been encouraging me the whole way.

My weight loss was incredible when I first got here, but right now it's kinda stagnant. But, I haven't been counting calories and walking home everyday since it's summer vacation, so I'm quite happy with the fact that it just hasn't gone up. Actually, today the scale said I lost some weight over this past week. Unfortunately, that's probably because I've been really lonely. Taka's been busy with work and so his schedule hasn't allowed him to come over and all my friends are quite some distance away. I am seeing Kate tomorrow night, however, so my loneliness shall come to an end!! (temporarily) Anyway, when I am lonely, I don't eat much. If I get hungry, then I go to make food, but looking at food makes me feel sick. And if I eat food, my body rejects most of it. I get that way when I'm depressed, too, so I guess it's my body's "fuck the world" mood.

Anyway, that sounds rather depressing (which it really isn't - it's just mopey and will pass), so let me tell you the story of how yesterday involved two men in my apartment.

So, I went to bed yesterday at about 7am (I told you, I've been crocheting all night!). I was asleep for about an hour before I got a text message, which I answered, and then went back to sleep. At about 10:30, I wake up because I hear a key in a lock. I didn't think too much about it because I can hear the keys in the locks of the other apartments. A door opened, but again, I didn't think it was mine until I heard the sounds of shoes being taken off in my entryway. I never hear anyone else taking off their shoes. So, I was on alert.

At first, I thought "Oh, maybe Taka's schedule changed and he's coming in to surprise me!" I always hope he's gonna come to surprise me even though he always contacts me beforehand. And he has told me countless times he'll always contact me first. But the me that loves surprises can't help but hope that it was my man coming to make my day. But, I digress.

Before proceeding, let me review how my apartment is set up.

Think of a four-quadrant box as my apartment. The bottom left is my entryway, laundry room, bathroom, and shower. The top left is my kitchen. The top right is my living room. The bottom right is my bedroom. Each of these four quadrants is divided by sliding doors. I tend to keep the sliding doors between my living room and my bedroom open because the air conditioner is in the living room. I was doing Taka's laundry the night before, so the doors around the entryway quadrant were also closed to keep the heat from the dryer out of the other rooms.

Okay, so back to the story. I hear people taking off shoes and I get alerted, so I stay still and listen. There's two people. I didn't feel really like they were thieves cuz I thought that even Japanese thieves wouldn't take the time to take off their shoes.

I hear them open up the door into the kitchen and go in there. Then, they open the door into the living room and walk in. At this point, I kinda sit up.

One of the men come into view and spots me out of the corner of his eye. He turns to look at me, body frozen.

Me- O_o

Him - O____O

Me - o_O

Him - ::starts spasmically bowing and apologizing:: I'm so sorry so sorry so sorry we're from the university!!! ::holds up a box while continuing to bow repeatedly:: we're supposed to set up the converter box but we can come back later and oh gosh I'm so sorry sorry...

Me - o_o....::sighs:: no, it's okay, just do it. Don't worry about it.

So, he kinda apologizes a little more and then tries to give me some privacy by sliding one of the doors between the living room and my room. This only accomplishes to cover about 1/3 of the space, but it was an effort I suppose.

I spend the 15 minutes or so while they are there fiddling around on my phone because I'm not about to fall back asleep with strangers in my apartment. The guy finishes, apologizes some more, and then the guy that was with him (for no reason that I can tell?) pops HIS head in to apologize. And then just stands there looking at me for like 30 seconds.

After they left, I tried falling back to sleep, but 10 minutes later I get an email from my contact at the school (the woman in charge of taking care of the international students and teachers). Her email said that she tried to call me that morning, but couldn't get through, so she's sending an email now to tell me that the converter box was set up in my apartment by the equipment department." To which I'm thinking "no shit, it's set up, I was here!!!!"

So, I look at my cell phone to see if I had missed calls and, well, there was one at about 10:25. So, like 5 or 10 minutes before the guys showed up!! That's the only call I saw. And my phone's ringer is off when I sleep (only texts and my alarm go through), so it wouldn't have woken me.

But, seriously, a call 5-10 minutes before people arrive? And then when they come they just let themselves in without knocking or ringing the doorbell first? And above that, they should've gotten my permission to come in before they just let themselves in!! What kind of courtesy is that?? It's a good thing I didn't just do MY laundry the night before and had bras hanging all over the place. Or what if I was coming out of the shower? I mean, thank you for installing my stuff but please respect my privacy while you're at it!! T_______T

Anyway, that's how I got unwanted visitors yesterday. Funtimes.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [21 Aug 2011|12:41am]
Dear Livejournal of Mine,

I may not pay much attention to you anymore, but happy tenth birthday.

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Mew [22 May 2011|09:24pm]
Long time no see, LJ!

I disappear a lot, but you're used to that. Oh, I'm so active on facebook, but that's cuz it's so easy. I can share a lot quicker I guess and I just don't feel arsed to sit down and write a lot. Especially since what I tend to write about these days are just short blurbs and not really warranting of a journal entry.

But, oh well. I've been here for about 50 days I guess and it's an incredible difference from my first time around. THIS time, I feel like I"m doing something right. I love my job, even if I get nervous before the first lesson each week (as I'm feeling nervous now for Monday's lesson). I was fortunate enough to find a boyfriend who is as crazy about me as I am of him. Plus, dude has a degree, a full time job, and his own house (though he lives with his parents right now cuz he wants to take his time fixing up his house before moving in). So, he's got Life!points, too! And I'm feeling just overall happier.

In America, I didn't have a direction or a secure job. I just wanted something regular. I couldn't relax cuz I always had to worry if the next school term brought me work or not. Now, I have a job and I can relax. I'm reading again, I'm making shit just to make it, and I'm just plain enjoying myself. Now that I have some security, I'm letting myself relax and branch out. It feels good.

I feel like I've done my time in crap and now I'm starting to get some rewards. It's not time to FULLY relax, cuz I still have debts to pay, but I'm in much better shape than I've ever been. I've made lots of good and bad choices in my life, but I'm glad that I found the combination that got me to this point.
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[30 Apr 2011|10:19am]
Lizzy's here~~ we're about to head out to Hiroshima City to do touristy and capitalistic things XD

I went to see Alice Nine two days ago. SO awesome. Was like maybe 6 people away from Shou and Saga. Hmpfh! Yes please~ Gonna enroll in the fanclub so I can go to fanclub lives and such~ :D

Tomorrow Taka will be making Elizabeth and I food and we will go to the Onomichi Festival and karaoke. Then i work for one day (boo) then have three days off again (yay!)

Okie, gonna bum around a bit while Lizzy finishes getting ready~~~~ later! <3
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Update! [05 Apr 2011|10:16am]

I'm alive and well here in Japan. Getting settled in right now. Bought a microwave and a rice cooker yesterday. I keep finding random men's things in here like shaving kits in the bathroom, suits in the closet, and boxers under the sink. So I gotta clear out a lot of John's stuff, which is annoying when you live in the land of sorted trash.

I got my schedule yesterday and I really only "work" 3 hours a day. That's awesome. I asked my boss if there's anything I need to do on my free periods and he's all like, "official rule says you are here from 8:30 to 5, but official rules are always broken." awesome lol I'll probably end up staying in the office anyway unless I have plans. I can study!!

MIXI helped prep me for Japan friend making. The second day I was here, I went to visit Toshi. He's a sweet guy, but he pushes his depression to the forefront of everything. He says he really likes me, but I don't know if I can deal with someone as more than a friend if they have more depression issues than me and my family. I've got a lot on that plate already.

Tomorrow I should be getting my phone. Ryuuji, another guy from MIXI, wants to meet after I get my phone. So, if that happens, that could be fun :D He's a VK boy lol

I've got a couple other guys wanting to go out drinking and another that is like "I wanna take you on a tour of Mihara, Onomichi, Takehara, and KANJI-I-DON"T-KNOW-YET with my car and my motorcycle." nice lol

With my extra free time and my proactive approach, this time in Japan is sure to be filled with fun on the boy end lol.

As for other awesome instances, I got to meet Kate on Sunday! We went on magical journeys around Fukuyama, were deceived by the iPhone, found an awesome outfit for Kate and accessories for me, found me a "boyfriend," and overall had awesome funtimes. We also got free waffle treats from a couple of old guys who wanted to drink sake with us in the park. Oh, the fun of being the random gaijin pair!

Okay, time to go to work so I can fill out some paperwork to transfer utilities into my name. After that, I'm gonna explore the other side of the station for a bit.

Later!!! <3
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FLIGHT CHANGE [29 Mar 2011|01:44pm]
I'm leaving now on 3/31 at 12:40am.
Many domestic flights out of Narita are being cancelled, including mine. I am now going from LAX to Haneda to Hiroshima. Once I get my confirmation email, I'm emailing my school. UGH.

Going to Taco Bell and Barnes and Noble now.
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TOTAL FAIL [28 Mar 2011|11:04pm]
So, erm, I suck at booking flights. I did this when I went to Arkansas, too. Apparently, I booked my flight for the 30th, not the 29th. Thank you, cheapflights.com, for emailing me a reminder about my flight.

Emailed the school and it's okay - I was arriving on the earlier day anyway.

So, more time to pack and my mom gets to have me around for another day!
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[28 Mar 2011|04:16am]
I have most toiletries packed and my clothes are all over the living room. When I wake up, I will go to UCR to drop off something, then go to Matt's to drop off the wigs that he and Christine forgot, then I go home and sort for a little bit until mom calls to ask what I want to do for dinner. Then, packing more.

Packing itself isn't that hard - it's just deciding what you will take and what you will have shipped and what you will have thrown away. THAT is the hard part.

I bought some nasal spray and an over-the-counter inhaler today and it's helping with my allergies. Hopefully I'll be better in Japan with their lack of grass lol. But, then again, I'm moving to a city known for its roses. I HATE ROSES!! and an abundance of flowers means BEES. FFFFFFF I may die afterall >
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[24 Mar 2011|04:18pm]
i should have ordered my yen yesterday. they can't guarantee that it'll be here in time. I guess it's off to Ontario Mills this weekend >.>
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[20 Mar 2011|02:52am]
I've been on MIXI a lot this past week trying to make some new friends in Hiroshimaken before I leave. I've made a few friends and I'm getting a lot of practice using my Japanese. However, I should make more female friends lol. all the people I've been talking to, other than people who are already my friends or students, are guys.

Today was Tony's funeral and mom's birthday. The funeral was a very nice service, but we didn't know anyone. And the people we DID know, we don't really talk to. Callista (my aunt and the widow) was of course busy talking to everyone. The only other people we knew were my uncle Marty's family. Even though he's my dad's twin, they're like polar opposites. Seriously, the only thing linking all of us at our table (our table was my family and Marty's) was our blue eyes lol.

After the service, we went home. Even though the service was early in the afternoon, we didn't get home till after 10pm. San Pedro is kinda far >.>

Since mom's birthday wasn't a real good birthday, we're doing a birthday tomorrow (or should I say later today as it's now 3?). We're going up to Idyllwild and then we're probably gonna watch Rango.

This week I need to do a lot. I'm finishing my afghan and I need to get my international driver's license. I also need to go to the consulate on Monday to take care of my visa. I've gotta find a new pair of sandals and buy all my toiletries. I'm also selling some stuff.

Anyone need a BIG... erm.. whatcha call it? petticoat? long-ass tutu thing? the poofy thing that goes under bridal gowns and such. I bought it for my Rose Bride cosplay (at a bridal place) and only wore it once. It cost me like 60 bucks. I'll sell it for 20. TWENTY! I'm a 36-38inch waist (it fluxes a lot!) and it goes up to right under your boobs for some tummy squishing. Let me know if you want it or know anyone who would be interested!!!!! here's a link to it http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Plus-Size-Full-Bridal-Gown-Slip-9795W_Accessories-Lingerie-All-Lingerie

Okie, bed now.
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[14 Mar 2011|09:47pm]

Akiko saw her sister on the news holding up a sign to let her know everyone in her family is okay. This is the first communication she has received from her family. Another UCR student put at ease~~
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[12 Mar 2011|11:59pm]

"Also, Laura, thank you!!!!!! Everyone who went to UCR is okay!!!"

That is the absolute BEST news I have heard in a long, long time.

Now that all my friends are accounted for, I am just keeping my hopes up for friends and family of my friends.
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[12 Mar 2011|02:19pm]
"生きてて良かった。21年間育った場所は、今はもうぐちゃぐちゃ...なにもなくなった。ぜんぶなくなった。友だちも生きてるかわからない。こわい…。どうしてメールくれないの?心配だよ…みんな大丈夫なの?どうか、みんな生きてますように。....................I lost everything...大好きな家族と一緒に1からスタート。"

"I am glad because I am alive, The place I grew up in for 21 years is now very sloppy... I lost everything. I don't know if my friends are also still alive. It's scary. Why won't they email me? I'm worried. Is everyone okay?? I'm living like everyone (here?)..... I lost everything. My dearly loved family and I will have to start from 1."

So many of my former and current students are from Sendai. This is the latest status update from one of them that just recently checked in. I'm still waiting to hear from many friends from Sendai. Many of my students have not heard from friends or family. Yesterday, I was talking to many of the Japanese students and none of us had any energy and you could see the worry, exhaustion, and lack of sleep on everyone's faces.

To answer the question I keep getting, yes, I AM still leaving for Japan in two weeks (so as long as I can get in!!). The disaster is in the north east and I will be living in the south west. Think of Japan like California and understand that this is kinda like I will be living in San Diego while the disaster would be San Francisco.

Also, me being there means that if I have contact with any friends that need help, they can come stay with me. I can try to help them a LOT more if I am a few hours away by train than if I have the Pacific Ocean dividing us.

The week ends soon and I am glad for the week to be over. The week brought about this disaster plus the death of two people known to me (my uncle and a friend of a friend, both by lupus). It has been draining.

Next week, the disaster's devastating results will still be there and we will still be hoping to hear from others, but we will also be in the final week of the quarter. We will all try to make the best of the time and look toward the future.

There is nothing we can do about the past but to look forward and rebuilt toward something even greater than before.
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[11 Mar 2011|01:15am]
I've heard back from about half of my friends in Miyagi. I'm hoping to hear back from the rest soon. Thank you, Facebook and Mixi, for giving me a way to get ahold of them.

In other news, the place I'm moving to is NOT in the affected area, even though I will be living near the sea.

My heart goes out to everyone in Japan right now.
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[07 Mar 2011|03:33am]
マジかー!おれも楽しみにしとうよ!I'm looking forword to seeing you in Japan!!

yes, Sho and I will hang out and it will be awesome. Thank you, United, for giving me such a bad runaround with flights a couple years ago, thus landing Sho and I on the same plane for 13 hours. He's awesome fun to talk to and hopefully will be fun to hang out with once I get there.

In other news, I went shopping today and spent WAY too much money, but now I have the clothes I need. I just need to get some more shoes (sandals and sneakers), socks, and buy my toiletries.

I also need to get my yen, my international driver's licence, and my visa sorted out.

Almost done with my blanket and then I hope to finish sewing the 4 garments I have left to sew in my bag.

Okay, much too late. night night all!!
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[05 Mar 2011|09:44pm]
I had a weird dream last night that I had only 1/2 hour to pack my suitcases and then I had to go. Only, I was no longer going to Japan, but to Korea. To live next door to Erin, in fact. And once I got my crap into the apartment, I was off to the subway with Erin to go get me a cell phone. We were trying to find a place that would give me one before I got my ARC. Yup, my subconscious knows it's ditch the country time, but it's got the WRONG country! lol

Also, Jason's car almost got repossessed today. Only, Jason DASHED out of the house and into his car to drive it away as the repo guy was trying to hook it. Oh wow, I wish I was there to have seen it!
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A little here and there [02 Mar 2011|01:21am]
So, the fates have provided me with a hot Brazillian to cook me a pancake breakfast on Thursday. Unless, of course, it doesn't happen again. Phil and I have been trying to have this damned pancake thing for the past 6 months. But, with my imminent departure and his recent job!get, we have decided this MUST happen, fates be damned!!

Getting pretty busy lately. Tomorrow I'm helping some former students with their essays (cuz their current writing teacher is awful, according to various reports), then picking up mom from the eye doc. Thursday is dad's birthday dinner, not to mention the pancakes in the AM. Friday is long, as usual, with both the ITA class in the AM and my usual m-f classes 1-3, but then I'm going to Devore to ride horses.

I really need to get to work on getting some sales posted (other than the doll I have up on DOA) and going through my crap. So, I'm thinking maybe Saturday will be used to do that. But Sunday, I would like to go to LA for my friend's art show ( http://www.forgottentreehouse.com/n-a-r-r-o-w-h-e-r-e ). Any of you lovely ladies like to go with me??? Maybe grab some dinner before~

The quarter is drawing to a close and I keep hearing everyone's plans for the near future. Erin, Swirv, YuJin and Minjung are already in Korea. Laura just had to go back to Kazakhstan. Josh leaves for Japan on Thursday and Sachie leaves tomorrow. Ryosuke, Jun, Masako and I are all leaving for Japan by the end of the month. YiHua may be going back to Taiwan around that time as well. I think Junghee is also leaving for Korea. In addition, I found out the other day that Derek is going to Myanmar at the end of the month. It's seriously an exodus to Asia around these parts. I know people part ways all the time, but in my field, the distance between people is not so much cities, but worlds apart. It's amazing, but sad at times.

In other, totally unrelated news, I read the other day about vision therapy. It's like physical therapy or speech therapy, but for your eyes. It's being used to help overcome amblyopia in older patients since patching doesn't tend to work past a very young age. It's interesting, but I don't think that I would want to do it. I've been asked a lot about getting my vision fixed. Everyone automatically thinks of eye surgery, but that doesn't work when the eye is fine - it's just the brain doesn't know what the eye is doing there or what to do with it.

Anyway, I don't see the point in me fixing my eye at this point in life. What does seeing in 2D do that is so detrimental? Well, I can't be a pilot, which was my childhood dream. If I fixed my vision now, by the time I paid off my student loans I wouldn't have the energy to go through more school so I could be a pilot. I would be wasting my time trying to correct something that I've lived with for 26 years. I've lived a 2D life and never even knew it until someone told me when I was 8. Seriously, even THINKING about 3D makes me feel sick like how I feel when I think too hard about how fast we're spinning on the Earth, then spinning around the sun, and our galaxy likely orbiting other objects, and then thinking "what about beyond that???" Nah, my mind doesn't want to process 3D. I'm fine.

But it's REALLY awesome to hear about these therapies. Especially since many people aren't diagnosed until later in life. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 8, and it wasn't until my condition was explained that my dad realized what exactly was wrong with HIS eye. Thank you, pride of Amish and Irish parents >< Because they never wanted to admit anything was "wrong" with their child, he was never properly told of his condition nor given the full treatment. If he knew what he had, I would've been tested earlier. But, oh well. If vision therapy works well enough, then 8 year old children can fix this problem and have more opportunities. So, I am glad to hear about Amblyopia research making such breakthroughs.

Article here - http://covdblog.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/hope-for-the-amblyopic/

Finally, should I get my next tattoo before I go to Japan??? I'm still up in the air. Whenever I do it, I want Jose to design/tatt it, so I'd need to let him know soon. Boy's been busy between his band, playing Jack Sparrow vs Vikings football (lol), his recent work in that Panic! music video (looking smashing in his steampunk glory), and just being Jose. Luckily it's a simple design (the uroboros - NOT for fma or deg, btw), but it would still take some consulting with him and I would need to get started asap.

Okay, I guess it's time to crochet a bit before bed. Night all~
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[28 Feb 2011|02:27am]
Soooooo square #31 of the scrapghan is now complete. I'm hoping it won't be much more than 40 that I will need, but we'll see what 40 squares look like laid out. Since they're all different sizes, it's difficult to judge. If you'd like to see Squares 1-30, look http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2104817&id=1443417289&l=e2d93edcff

Gotta make posters about my car. 2008 Yaris, $9k!! Please please keep me in mind if you hear anyone needing a car. It will be ready for hand-off March 22nd, but I need it gone no later than March 27th with all paperwork on my end completed. Remember, you can get bank loans for used cars, so even if you don't have the full 9k, you can still do it!!! It gets 36+mpg, so that's REALLY good right now in this expensive gas life!!

In other news, I'm just prepping to leave. Gotta make some calls this week. Fun fun.

Time for bed~~ Oh god why is the weekend over??
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[26 Feb 2011|01:33pm]
Just got my Certificate of Eligibility in today. So, gotta figure out a good day to take off work and go down to the embassy and turn it into a visa. It feels a little strange for a document to call me a "professor," though ^^;;

I had a wonderful day yesterday hanging out with Rachael and we talked a lot, ate at an awesome Italian place, and watched Dracula cuz it's one of the many many movies I have not yet seen. Also, while we were going to the restaurant, Tommy was crossing the street in front of my car. Random Tommy sighting!! So I said hi and then we drove away.

Today I was supposed to go to Disneyland with Nick and Shou, but the weather forecast predicted doom. But, it's not THAT bad, really, but it's okay we didn't go because driving to Hollywood, then D-land, then BACK to Hollywood, and then home would've ended up taking most of the day anyway. We were trying to think of a plan B for today, but it's snowing here and I'd rather not drive, so today just was cancelled.

So I guess for today I'm gonna catch up on some crochet, figure out some lesson plans for the week, and do some more sorting through my stuff. I think I should start packing up some things soon.

Okay, laaater~
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